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The Internet is chaos!

The Internet is unorganized!

The Internet is vast!

Sure, surf'n to a variety of different sites can be interesting, educational, and downright fun. But when we have something to accomplish, we want to get right to the point.

Finding the right information quickly can be frustrating. Being sure you got all the information available is even harder. To help you get started in a semi-organized way I offer this, very incomplete but hopefully useful, set of links to Real Estate Specific information and related, more generalized, links. The following Internet Information Mechanisms are covered: (There's more to the 'Net than just the Web. )

Mail Lists
Mail lists allow you to receive email relating to Real Estate subjects every day. Promote yourself and your listings, learn of others experiences, network for referrals.

News Groups
Read News Group articles when you have time, or when you're looking for a specific subject. Promote yourself and your listings.

Additional Real Estate Information
Newsletters, Gov't Agencies, etc.

Annotated Real Estate Web Site Links
Organized by Categories, with descriptions
You can contribute links and descriptions to this list!

Search Engines
Let the computer do the work!


The Federal Web Locator
If it's part of the Federal Government, there should be a link here.

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Organized by Categories, with descriptions
You can contribute links and descriptions to this list!

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Large computer databases are update via user contributions and programs that navigate the web automatically (worms), indexing keywords on web pages.

Provide one or more "key" words to a Search Engine, and it will return links to pages that contained the keywords, that are in its database. Usually just the page title, possibly a short description.

Enter "Real Estate" and you'll be overwhelmed. Add a state, or "listing" or other relative words to narrow down the number of returns and increase the effectiveness of the links returned.

Access to a wide range of search engines is provided by Search Engines & Directories - descriptions and links to major search engines - From my Surfs-uP Directory to the Internet

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